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Wintervale Kennels and Cattery

A Petz Fan and Crew Site


Wintervale Kennels and Cattery is a Petz fansite! It is owned and operated by Bridge!

I am still very new to the Petz Community so my site is very small/incomplete! I will try my best to make it as awesome as I can!!

I love breeding user-made breeds! I don't know how to hex yet but its definitely something I'm interested in!!

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This is a work in progress!! <3

Patch Notes


Finished with a HUGE crew update!! I will be going through as I figure out show names but the main big stuff is done!!


Happy egg hunting!!


Big update to the site! I added a stamp that I made (free to collect!) and redid my stamp collection to have links!! And I also added some more friends to my crew! <3


Offical launch day of the site!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by!!